Areas of Practice


If you have been charged with a crime or are the subject of an investigation, Chernin Law should be your first call. The criminal justice system is a complicated and complex endeavor; one you should not navigate alone. Whatever your charge, we have the experience to help you through the process, tell your side of the story, and fight for your rights.


A divorce or custody dispute can be extremely complicated and overwhelmingly emotional, so you need the best working on your side. Chernin Law will work tirelessly to provide the best possible result for you and your family by offering compassionate, responsive, and effective representation whether it’s in your divorce or custody case.


Suffering a personal injury at the hands of another is never something you plan for. It can leave you feeling confused and wondering how you're going to recover, both physically and financially. Chernin Law understand the impact a serious injury or accident can have on you and is dedicated to getting you the maximum value in the shortest amount of time.


Chernin Law represents developers, lenders, investors and various corporate entities in connection with real estate related transactions. We handle transactions involving the purchase, sale, management, and operation of and investment in commercial and residential projects; leasing on behalf of landlords and tenants; and real estate litigation.