Criminal Defense

As a former prosecutor, Hilary K. Chernin knows first-hand how intimidating and stressful it can be to find oneself in the middle of a criminal investigation or facing criminal charges. After all, she used to have the power and authority as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) at the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office to initiate, pursue, and prosecute those very types of matters on behalf of the government. Today, however, Hilary K. Chernin, is on the “other” side of the law; that is, she is now on your side and wants all of Chernin Law’s clients to benefit from the valuable insights she learned during her tenure as a prosecutor. Chernin Law, PLLC has had substantial success in delivering what clients want the most: dismissals. Hilary K. Chernin has represented clients accused of murder, A-1 felony drug charges, felony and misdemeanor assaults, weapons charges, federal fraud, sex crimes, and other serious charges and has appeared in courts throughout New York State. As an experienced former prosecutor, Hilary K. Chernin understands the state and federal criminal justice systems and will use her experience and reputation to benefit you.

If you are facing criminal charges, the worst thing you can do is to have discussed your case with law enforcement when you got arrested. Even though police officers try everything to engage you in a conversation and tease you with phrases such as “we will help you” or “do what’s right, tell us what happened,” they are really not on your side. Their job is it to elicit incriminating statements that can and will be used against you later in court. We at Chernin Law, PLLC, tell our clients is to remain calm and quiet, as remaining silent is your constitutional right. Before answering any questions, you should retain Hilary K. Chernin, an experienced trial attorney and former prosecutor, who knows what to do and what to say to put you in the best possible position to win your case. Chernin Law, PLLC, always advises our clients to be extremely careful not to discuss the details of your case with anyone until approved by your attorney. The impact of a text message, a social media post, or a self-incriminating statement made to a friend or loved one can be devastating to the outcome of your case at trial.

Our primary goal at Chernin Law is to explain the criminal justice process to you and to identify the best defense option in your case. In one of our three convenient and professional office environments, Hilary K. Chernin will meet with you and listen to your side of the story, hear the facts from you, can tell you what to expect, assess the likelihood of jail or prison, predict the chances for dismissal, advise for or against a plea deal, outline how to fight the charges, and explain how the decisions you make in your defense strategy could affect you long term. Ultimately, in order to prevail in a criminal case, you need a detail-oriented experienced attorney dedicated to your case and trust in that attorney’s ability. Dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and favorable plea deals don’t happen automatically. They are based on hard work, dedication, and constant interaction between attorney and client. For these reasons, at Chernin Law, PLLC, our service is personal, dedicated, and committed. From the day you retain Chernin Law, PLLC, to represent you, you will have 24/7 phone access to Hilary K. Chernin on our legal hotline to answer any and all your legal questions as they arise.

For more information regarding our criminal representation or how we can help you through any state or federal case or pending investigation, call Chernin Law, PLLC, today. With three convenient locations in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Westchester, effective and affordable legal representation is within reach, regardless of whether you are located in one of the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester or Nassau counties. Your initial consultation is free and absolutely confidential.

We are dedicated to providing legal advice and guidance to those facing criminal charges and represent clients in a broad scope of criminal cases, including: